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How to reduce cell phone radiation

Do you use cell phone constantly? Are you worrying about the effects of cell phone radiation? Would you like to guard yourself against radiation by reducing cell phone radiation? Over usage of cell phone causes huge amount of radiation. This cell phone radiation is harmful for humans. Research confirms that the nerve cells are directly affected by cell phone radiations. It is our duty to take precautionary methods to avoid any damaging consequences by cell phone radiation. We could effectively achieve reducing cell phone radiation by following a set of prescribed rules. Here are the list of guide that will explain about how to reduce cell phone radiation.

Limited Usage – Do not use cell phones 24×7. The more you use your mobile phones the more you get affected by cell phone radiation. If you want to reduce cell phone radiation, first and foremost thing to do is to reduce the usage of cell phone. Whether you keep on texting, chatting or phoning it will eventually cost your health because you are indulging yourself into cell phone radiation. By curtailing the cell phone usage, you could reduce the cell phone radiation to a greater extent.

Best digital camera 2011

Digital cameras have become important household items in these days. Understanding the importance of possessing a digital camera and knowing how to buy the right digital camera helps individuals make ideal buying decisions of digital camera. Digital cameras available in varied models and price ranges from various manufacturers. Apart from the leading digital camera manufacturers many local digital camera manufacturers also mark their presence by offering high quality low cost digital cameras that are highly appreciated by digital camera lovers.

Cameras have become a part and parcel of everyone’s life. Though professional photographers look for high end camera like DSLR, ordinary individuals will be content with the minimal feature camera which provides good quality images. If you are looking to buy best digital camera in the market always look out for variety of digital cameras, read reviews by real time users and customers, research online feedback before buying the appropriate digital camera for your day to day use. To help our readers we present here best digital camera of the year 2011.

Canon PowerShot S100 – This is the most widely sold digital camera of 2011. Canon PowerShot S100 has been awarded as the best digital camera of 2011. Canon PowerShot comes at the price tag of $414 in US market. This mobile has got cool features and amazing design. Canon PowerShot S100 is the best digital camera in producing amazing quality images as well performs at a greater speed. If you are looking to buy awesome camera which is filled with features and performance, we suggest to you go for Canon PowerShot S100.

Nikon D5100 – Nikon D5100 is one of the best digital cameras of 2011. This is the most preferred DSLR camera for ordinary individuals as well as professional photographers. Nikon D5100 comes at the price range of $750. If you are wishing to buy a cost effective DSLR camera, Nikon D5100 is your best bet. Online reviews and user feedback confirms the exceptional performance of this top notch camera. Nikon D5100 is listed as the number one preferred digital camera in the under $1000 category. This digital camera is worth your money.

Sony Alpha NEX-C3 – Sony Alpha NEX C3 is also the pioneer among the list of best digital cameras of 2011. This is a compact digital camera that comes with the option of interchangeable lens cameras. Sony Alpha NEX C3 is priced at the range of $650. If you are looking for a great digital camera that produce stunning images with superb quality, we suggest you to make the buying decision for Sony Alpha NEX C3. This camera is light in weight as well as compact with the coolest feature of interchangeable lens.


Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom was denied bail

MegaUpload Limited: This is the most widely known website for file hosting services. Megaupload is ranked among the top 15 file hosting websites worldwide. Megaupload is an online file hosting platform started in the year 2005. This online company is founded by Kim Dotcom; his birth name is Kim Schmitz. Megaupload is a Hong Kong based online company. Megaupload was running several websites that offer file sharing, file storage, file hosting and file viewing services to individuals across the globe.

Recently in January 2012, Megaupload and its relative domains have been seized by the US Justice Department because of the copyright infringement activities. Due to this accusation, the founders and owners of MegaUpload have been arrested. Megaupload possesses more than HK $330 million worth assets. The company accounts are frozen by Hong Kong government. It has been said that the seizing of Megaupload has happened because of the service attacks on a variety US government websites as well as US copyright organizations.

iphone insurance reviews

Apple Care+

Applecare is the most widely purchased insurance protection for iPhone 4S. This insurance comes with the price tag of $99. If your iPhone 4S accidentally damages, Applecare takes care of your mobile phone replacement irrespective of its warranty period. Applecare is the most widely used iPhone 4S insurance that comes with the warranty period of 2 years. Once you have this insurance in hand due to theft, lost or damage because of natural calamities, you could get them replaced immediately. It should be noted that Applecare+ needs to be purchased at the same as you purchase your iPhone smartphones.


SquareTrade is also the most commonly purchased iPhone protection. When your iPhone is damaged because of falling, dropping or spilling, stolen, lost of theft, you could get your iPhone smartphone replaced using this insurance. SquareTrade comes at the price range of $99. Unlike applecare which demands insurance purchase at the same time of iPhone purchase, in SquareTrade insurance you have the advantage of purchasing it within 30 days of purchasing your iPhone 4S smartphone. Many of the apple store in your locality will be assisting you reimburse the repair cost as well as they help you in replacing the smartphone by contacting SquareTrade.