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Gingerbread – A Code Name for Android

Today, Android has become more famous and the most favored choice of phone among the people. To facilitate its users, a number of variations have made since its release like fixing bugs and adding new features. The recent main releases include the introduction of Gingerbread, Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich.

Gingerbread, a desert themed Android code name, is developed for the version 2.3 of the open source android mobile system. It was firstly introduced in December 2010 for a variety of smart phones that mainly included the introduction of Google voice over Wi-Fi, improved Google applications and improved gaming functionality.

Google Chrome browser for Android phones

Android smartphones are widely used by students, professionals, tech geeks as well as ordinary individuals. There are loads of applications available for android smart phones. Smartphones are specially designed for browsing. For browsing options in Android smart phones various browsers are available in the market but recently Google chrome browser has picked up its togetherness with Android smartphones for the betterment of android smart phones as well as the Google chrome web browser.

Android smart phones are Google products. Google Chrome browser is also a Google product. We all know that whatever Google may come up with, it will be one of a kind of product in the market. This thought has not gone wrong in terms of Google chrome browser for Android smart phones. People using Google chrome web browser on android smartphones are highly enjoying the web browsing experience because of high speed, faster browsing, opening and closing of tabs, ability to sync with bookmarks, etc.

Top ten Android accessories

Otterbox cases – protection is the main criteria for android smartphones. While investing in android smartphone accessories, any user will focus on adding additional security and protection to the smartphone because of the cost involved. If you are looking to invest in best android accessories, here is our first and foremost preferred choice for an android smartphone which is Ottorbox cases. This android smartphone case starts at the price range of $20 and goes upto the price tag of $40. Buy this case to keep your mobile phones safe and secured

Gelaskins Custom Photo Covers – another important android smartphone accessory is Gelaskins Custom Photo covers. These are personalized covers for your android smartphones which comes with the assurance of scratch protection. Though these covers offer protection against scratch, Gelaskins could not completely safeguard your android smartphones against fall or slip. Gelaskins customer photo covers starts from a minimal budget of $15.

Three medium budget Android phones

Vodafone 858 Smart U8160 – It is one of the cheap android smartphone in the market. Vodafone 858 Smart U8160 starts from the price range of $130. This android smart phone comes at the lowest price range. like any other android smartphone this android smartphone also comes with exciting features like gtalk, gmail, instant messaging, you tube, internet  browsing, Google search and much more interesting applications you would for. Apart from these exciting features Vodafone 858 Smart U8160 comes with 2MP camera with geo tagging, 130 MB internal memory and Micro SD extendable upto 32GB. If you are looking for much cost effective android smart phone with your budget range, we suggest you to go ahead with Vodafone 858 Smart U8160 at the price tag of $130

5 must have applications for Android users

Wireless Tether – Wireless Tether is the must have application for Android smartphones. These are the important applications to have especially android smartphones that has 4G connectivity. Using Wireless Tether, you could use it as a wifi hub for your laptop or a tablet. Wireless tether is a must have application for android users who possess laptops and tablet and looking for best 4G connectivity medium for uninterrupted wireless network.

ROM Manager – ROM manager is also one of the important applications many android users possess across globe. If you are looking for best android application in the market, we suggest you to go for ROM manager. This application is best fit for anyone that is flashing ROMs. It is said that ROM manager is future vision oriented application which will persist for a long time in the market.

Screenshot It – screen shot is a common application in iPhone. This causes envy to android users but this case will not be envious anymore. Using Screenshot It application which is specially designed for Android users, you can take best screenshots in your Android mobile phones. Best advantage of choosing this android application is its pricing which is lowest comparing to any other similar android applications in the market. Screenshot It comes at the price tag of just $4.

Titanium Backup – these days’ smartphones are the hub of storing n number of important data, information and files. If you use your android smartphones for saving your important data, it becomes mandatory to take backup of your important files from your android devices periodically. Apart from ROM manager, Titanium backup is said to be the most suggested as well as must have application for android smart phone users. Titanium backup helps your data stored properly without loss of any valuable information. If you are looking for best android applications for saving and restoring your data online, we suggest you to go for titanium backup application.

ROM Toolbox – this is a fun application for you android smart phone. Apart from ROM manager, ROM Toolbox is also one of the important android applications you should own to have the ultimate android smart phone experience. Using ROM Toolbox you can customize font, font size, themes, battery icon, boot animations and many more. You could have great fun using ROM toolbox in your android smartphone. This is a must have android application for your android mobile phones. It is said that apart from traditional android applications, these kinds of applications are also widely sold applications which are devised especially for fun and folly activities. You could perform so many amazing activities using this specially designed android smartphone application.