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When Are PrePaid Phones a Good Option?

Cell phones are some of the most commonly used electronics all over the globe. Cell phones provide a convenient way to instantly communicate with others, and they also provide a variety of other useful services to their users. Millions of people rely on their phones and use them as an essential daily tool. Unfortunately, some people feel as if they can’t have a cell phone. People feel this way for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons are that cell phone plans can be very expensive, or that they simply do not cater to the specific needs of certain individuals. This is why prepaid phones are becoming increasingly popular. Prepaid phones are not for everyone, but they are excellent choices under many circumstances. If you are wondering if a prepaid phone is right for you, then consider some of the following factors.

Top 5 SIM Free Smartphones in UK on 2012 – Pick the Deal That Suits You Best

SIM free cellphones have become really popular all over the world. Almost every technophobic has started to purchase new cellphones that come with SIM free deals. All the leading cellphone operators such as 3, Orange, O2, Virgin, T Mobile and Vodafone come up with the new range of handsets that are launched frequently. There are several benefits that come along with SIM free cellphones and thus it is most popular one amongst all the other deals. There is great scope to save when you go for SIM free deals. These deals come unlocked and are compatible with any network operator. Different operators come with different bill plans for different handsets. You need to analyze your pattern of usage and select the plan accordingly. If you have greater usage of making outgoing calls, for instance, then you can select your plan on the basis of that. Again, if you have higher usage for messaging or internet, you need to choose the bill plan on the basis of that.

Angry with Angry birds on mobile ? Solution to play it online

As the title says, am about to share a way to play the most hit game – angry birds online from your computer. You all must have played this game on your small screened mobile phones, right ? Lets have a different experience now by playing it on a big screen of your computer for free !

All you need is a internet connection. You don;t have to worry about your mobile’s battery or getting interrupted by a unwanted phone call during the game play.

Mobile security – How to Guide

Mobile is our world. We use our mobile phones for shopping, net banking, emailing, and a lot more. Gone are the days where mobile phones were used only for the purpose of texting and calling. The arrival of smartphones changed the way we use mobile phones. As our mobile phone usage increases, threats and insecurities related to mobile phones are also going multi folds to greater extents. If you want to safeguard your mobile phone from online as well as offline threats, it’s your responsibility to manage your cell phones with much care.

Do not save confidential information on phone – if you want to enhance your mobile security, avoid saving any password on your mobile phone. Saving passwords of your email account, net banking account is considered high threat because if your mobile is lost or stolen, there is a high risk that your passwords will be hacked by unknown individuals which might lead to dangerous consequences. So do not save confidential information on your mobile phone.

Three medium budget Android phones

Vodafone 858 Smart U8160 – It is one of the cheap android smartphone in the market. Vodafone 858 Smart U8160 starts from the price range of $130. This android smart phone comes at the lowest price range. like any other android smartphone this android smartphone also comes with exciting features like gtalk, gmail, instant messaging, you tube, internet  browsing, Google search and much more interesting applications you would for. Apart from these exciting features Vodafone 858 Smart U8160 comes with 2MP camera with geo tagging, 130 MB internal memory and Micro SD extendable upto 32GB. If you are looking for much cost effective android smart phone with your budget range, we suggest you to go ahead with Vodafone 858 Smart U8160 at the price tag of $130

Tablets vs Smartphones – What is your choice

Are you confused between tablets and smartphones? Are you thinking to buy a technologically advanced personal assistance? Do you wish to know more details about Tablets and smartphones? Smartphones are more useful on a personal end where it is very efficient for texting, calling and gaming. If you are looking for a personal assistance for your professional use, tablets are the perfect fit for your requirement.

The reason to choose tablets or smartphones depends on your needs and interests. If you are looking for a music and gaming device with the cool features and applications, smartphones will do wonders for you. Likewise if you are looking for web browsing, emailing, reminders, online conference management applications, and such office tools, tablets will suit all your professional needs. If you are looking for information related to tablets and smartphones, this is the right place to obtain the required information on tablets vs. smartphones. Our comprehensive guide evaluates the pros and cons of tablets vs. Smartphones inorder to assist you making the right buying choice. 

How to reduce cell phone radiation

Do you use cell phone constantly? Are you worrying about the effects of cell phone radiation? Would you like to guard yourself against radiation by reducing cell phone radiation? Over usage of cell phone causes huge amount of radiation. This cell phone radiation is harmful for humans. Research confirms that the nerve cells are directly affected by cell phone radiations. It is our duty to take precautionary methods to avoid any damaging consequences by cell phone radiation. We could effectively achieve reducing cell phone radiation by following a set of prescribed rules. Here are the list of guide that will explain about how to reduce cell phone radiation.

Limited Usage – Do not use cell phones 24×7. The more you use your mobile phones the more you get affected by cell phone radiation. If you want to reduce cell phone radiation, first and foremost thing to do is to reduce the usage of cell phone. Whether you keep on texting, chatting or phoning it will eventually cost your health because you are indulging yourself into cell phone radiation. By curtailing the cell phone usage, you could reduce the cell phone radiation to a greater extent.