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How an E-commerce Website Should Offer Customer Service

The Internet is no longer a virtual island that it was in the early days when it was accessible to the elite who had networks. It is a now a fully-fledged consumers’ resource that has a web of networks and intranets that serve organizations. At the business level, e-commerce is growing by leaps and bounds courtesy of certain methodologies that are used by Public Relations departments to persuade visitors to stay put. In this light therefore, here are ways on how an e-Commerce website should offer customer service.

The first method is to stay ahead of the times. Sites that tapped the social networking pages of their visitors early enough are now quite successful. This means that whenever a new social platform comes to be, a site, however big it is, should create a profile there to ensure that consumers interact with its executives one-on-one. This creates rapport and compels visitors who feel special to follow the CEOs and other executives.

DSE – Digital Signage Expo 2012 is about to launch on March 6th

The digital signage industry has been waiting for this moment. World’s largest digital signage conference is about to kick start on March 6th in Las Vegas.

One may wonder what this conference and trade show is all about. Before letting you know about the details of the conference, let us understand the basics of digital signage.

What is Digital Signage:

Digital Signage is nothing but a form of advertisement that is unique by telecasting ads electronically. This is achieved by showing advertisements on large televisions, or electro banners, large plasma screens etc., These advertisements are commonly placed in public, malls and other high traffic ares to cover as many general public as possible.

Offers, discounts and other kind of rebates move well in this format of advertising. ROI of this form of advertisement is always positive.

What is Digital Signage Expo:

This trade show is all about bringing industry experts in one place and discussing about trends, statistics and best practices for digital signage. Here is what the trade show is about to offer.

  • More than 150 exhibitors
  • 32 Educational Seminars
  • 12 Pre- and Post-Show Workshops
  • 40 Industry Vertical Discussion Groups
  • 30+ Free On-Floor Presentations
  • …and More!

If you are satisfied with what this seminar and trade show offers, you can directly visit their website at for more details.