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To some people, putting these two mobile devices side by side may not be ideal because one is a smartphone and the other is a tablet. Nevertheless, for people who are not sure about which one to go for, they will like to read this review. There are some people who are yet to make a choice as to which one is best for them, a smartphone or a tablet. This will really depend on what they want. The reason for this is that most tablets can’t make phone calls. So if making phone calls is your stuff, you will certainly want to get a phone. On the other hand, surfing the web, watching movies and making videos are better done with a tablet. Its touch screen and simple interface could really make doing these things extremely pleasurable. There are however a lot of similarities between the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2. Although some things that may be present or absent in either may just be due to the fact that one is a smartphone and the other is a tablet.

Ipad 3 Release

iPad 3 is going to be released soon. Though the date is not yet confirmed by Apple Inc, iPad 3 will be launched in the month of March 2012. Official sources at Apple Inc say that more and more of its features are leaked up unofficially. iPad 2 has done head turnings. Can iPad 3 also capture the hearts of young people as well as professionals? Like earlier iPad products iPad 3 also coming like a Boom to capture the market. Here is our report on the yet to get released iPad 3 and its amazing going to be features available on this product. As all the expecting techno geeks, our team is also look forward to review Apple’s technologically advanced product iPad 3 in March 2012.

iPad 3 will be a product that fills the gap what iPad 2 has created. The iPad 2 tablet is much advanced, eye catchy than its predecessor iPad. Likewise iPad 3 also will be the advanced updated and upgraded version of iPad 2. Though more and more similarity could be seen among iPad 3 and its earlier versions, sources confirming that more technologically advanced features are added in iPad 3 which is going to be its grandeur success. So what iPad 3 holds for its loyal customers who are waiting for nearly an year now? Here is our expectation on the yet to get launched tablet iPad 3.