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iPhone 5 news, Release Date and Features

iPhone 5 release date:

What is the release date for iPhone 5? Well! It seems that Apple has planned to throw its latest generation iPhone in the middle of 2012. This is really great news for those who love iPhone device as it is the most awaited product and we are listening to it for so long. Rumors claim that Apple will release iPhone 5 in summer 2012. Apple has already launch iPhone 4s and it revealed that the new iPhone device will come with totally a new look and new design that you have never seen in its predecessors. It will get a complete new casing that you have not seen in iPhone 4 or iPhone 3G.  

Top 5 SIM Free Smartphones in UK on 2012 – Pick the Deal That Suits You Best

SIM free cellphones have become really popular all over the world. Almost every technophobic has started to purchase new cellphones that come with SIM free deals. All the leading cellphone operators such as 3, Orange, O2, Virgin, T Mobile and Vodafone come up with the new range of handsets that are launched frequently. There are several benefits that come along with SIM free cellphones and thus it is most popular one amongst all the other deals. There is great scope to save when you go for SIM free deals. These deals come unlocked and are compatible with any network operator. Different operators come with different bill plans for different handsets. You need to analyze your pattern of usage and select the plan accordingly. If you have greater usage of making outgoing calls, for instance, then you can select your plan on the basis of that. Again, if you have higher usage for messaging or internet, you need to choose the bill plan on the basis of that.

American Telemedicine Association Annual Tradeshow Meeting

Using telemedicine can increase your success because of its advantage in competitive healthcare market.  The 17th annual meeting of ATA is going to be held in San Jose, California from 29th April to 1st May. The tradeshow will be focusing mainly on telehealth, telemedicine, mHealth and online health care from this remote locale.  Top global leaders will be present there and will give their speeches, deliver their ideas as well as review the telemedicine technology. The co-founder of the best and first personal computer, Apple Inc., will also be there to submit a keynote speech on this issue.

The registration process is still going on and thus there is a chance to attend this modern tradeshow to acquire more knowledge on technologies related to healthcare and online telemedicine.  Who doesn’t want to gain a competitive edge? In the field of medicine and health care, the stakeholders seek to increase the level of their services and at the same time decrease the operational cost.

Panasonic Release New Toughbook

When you think of a Toughbook you think of a rugged laptop. Panasonic release a new semi-rugged Toughbook: Introducing the CF-53. It provides desktop efficiency for employees in the field, where a traditional laptop is just not tough enough.
The new Toughbook CF-53 comes after the CF-52. The toughbook is immune to spills and being dropped and has been tested to 9 MIL-STD-810G tests.
The Toughbook includes battery life of 10 hours and is harnessed buy a second generation Intel CoreTM i5-2520M vProTM processor. It includes 4GB of RAM that can be easily enlarged to 8GB.

Tech news for the year 2012

This year 2012 is holding lot more to everyone especially for technology crowd. Technology is advancing year on year. Likewise this year 2012 also marks special advancements in technology. The online trends, gadgets, technology improvements seem to be much promising. Technology 2012 will see a great change in the way we have purchased and handled technology devices. As more and more competitors are entering the technology market people seem to love the coming in competitions from huge corporate players in terms of arrival of new technology gadgets every day and every week. When it comes to online trends, crowd sourcing and social media plays a ball game in this year 2012. Technology is every advancing and 2012 also will see tremendous advancement in technology arena without any second thoughts.

iPhones, Android Smartphones, Laptops, Tech accessories, Technology devices, Tech gadgets are much improvised and their upgraded versions are released every now and then for constant updation of future technology products. If you are wondering what 2012 technology news holds is for you, worry not. This year brings great economical boom for professionals working in every industry especially for people working in technology. The arrival of smartphones has changed the way mobile phones have been handles. In the year 2012 much competitors are coming into the smartphone technology market for smartphone manufacturing where the existing competitors are expecting a tough competition from the new arrival.

Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom was denied bail

MegaUpload Limited: This is the most widely known website for file hosting services. Megaupload is ranked among the top 15 file hosting websites worldwide. Megaupload is an online file hosting platform started in the year 2005. This online company is founded by Kim Dotcom; his birth name is Kim Schmitz. Megaupload is a Hong Kong based online company. Megaupload was running several websites that offer file sharing, file storage, file hosting and file viewing services to individuals across the globe.

Recently in January 2012, Megaupload and its relative domains have been seized by the US Justice Department because of the copyright infringement activities. Due to this accusation, the founders and owners of MegaUpload have been arrested. Megaupload possesses more than HK $330 million worth assets. The company accounts are frozen by Hong Kong government. It has been said that the seizing of Megaupload has happened because of the service attacks on a variety US government websites as well as US copyright organizations.