Do You Really Need A Tablet And A Laptop?

Ever since the first tablet was introduced, most of the biggest computer companies followed suit with similar devices many businesses have wondered if the tablet could possibly replace the laptop. Well, simply put, both the laptop and the tablet have specific uses that they handle well and in most cases tablets and laptops compliment each other; rather than acting as rivals who are on a crash course to destroy one another. There are certain things that each device does better than the other, but instead of these things being considered pros and cons they can actually be looked at as two entities working together to get all sorts of work completed.

The physical keyboard of the laptop will always be better for heavy computer use. Sure, the onscreen keyboard of tablets is great when you are on the move or just need to type something up very quickly. For lengthy documents the virtual keyboard can get tedious and a physical keyboard is much more efficient for this type of work. It is difficult to imagine spending your 9-5 on a digital keyboard, but you never know what will come out next.

The tablet wins out in its ability to quickly pull up information and store easy to use applications. Many businesses are using applications now to help their people on the street meet with clients and get contracts signed. The tablet, in some cases, even allows for contract to be signed from the device. This feature is simply not possible from a laptop.

From a portability perspective the tablet once again comes out on top. The battery for an average tablet lasts about 10 hours while even the best business laptop can power up for about 4-5 hours of light use. The size component is important to consider too; the best business laptop still comes in at 3 or more pounds. The average tablet weighs under 2lbs. The smaller size and longer battery life makes the new invention perfect for travelers who don’t need overly heavy programs; just the ability to access the net and business applications.

So what, exactly, is the verdict? Businesses technically need both tablets and laptops to truly make a dent in the world of business. These two technological devices work in conjunction with one another and the advent of tablets into the saturated computing market has created a sense of connectivity that has been unseen before. The outside sales world, for example, has benefited greatly by combining these two entities. Tabs are used for meetings and keeping track of current trends. The best business laptop is than used to create documents and spreadsheets, and to do the heavier research that is often required in the field. Both devices also help to create a sense of connection between a sales team and the internal office. Working together can and is a beautiful thing when you are considering these two devices.

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