Free YouTube MP3 Converters

If you are looking for a free YouTube mp3 converter then the easiest way to find one is to type “YouTube to mp3 converters” into an internet search box and shop around for the most promising website.  Compare and contrast these websites based on registration status or requirement, fees, download speeds, format, legality, daily limits, etc.

How Do These Websites Work?

Most of these websites offer conversion tools that users can utilize to convert their favorite YouTube videos and sometimes other online streaming website videos into mp3 format.  One can simply do this by visiting the video’s website and copying the video’s URL, then pasting the URL into the converter tool box and clicking the “go, next, or convert” button.  Next, these tools will use their service to extract the mp3 from the video that is being streamed.  Before you know it, you will have a YouTube mp3 ready for download and listening, and it only took a few minutes tops to retrieve it; amazing.

Are These Websites Legal To Use?

Technically speaking, any YouTube mp3 converter website is legal; however YouTube and Google like to think otherwise.  In fact, they have even begun cracking down on sites like these and gave even went as far as sending out cease-and-desist letters to some websites to try and get them shut down.  This did work on a few websites, while others shut down voluntarily.  The important thing to look at here is how users are using the converted mp3’s once they have them in their possession.  Technically by copyright law and fairness doctrine, individuals are allowed to have the converted YouTube mp3 in their possession to listen to.

However, if they burn or rip the mp3 onto a CD either for themselves or to give to someone else, then they have in a way committed a big no-no!  Copyright laws can really be a huge headache, so some individuals have chosen to opt out of using these types of converting websites altogether to save themselves from getting in trouble.  Whether or not you use a converter website is really a matter of personal preference, as well as what you are willing to risk, should the website you are using get in trouble in the future. So be sure to weigh the pros and cons and to shop around for the safest, most reputable converter website before investing in a converted mp3.

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