Future of desktop computers

Researches confirm that desktop computers will be out of dated in near future. The arrival of technologically advanced laptops and mobile devices lessens the need for a desktop computers at home and office. Since the laptops or tablets could be carried easily they are the most preferred options for computing these days. More and more users are opting to buy a laptop computer because it gives you the advantage working anywhere anytime. Since the price range is also comparatively lesser for buying a notebook or a laptop rather than going for a highly priced desktop computer people stays with the choice of buying notebooks or laptops. In this case we foresee that desktop computers will be of no use in the very near future.

Desktop computers are predominantly used in offices as well as at home. Office environment see desktop as a safety resource but still it lacks the efficiency of mobility. In the case of laptops, the employer has the advantage of having team meetings, conferences, trainings online without taking their business hours. One of the significant advantage of possessing laptops are you could carry them anywhere and access the needed information whenever required but desktops are immobile they stand no chance to provide a work from home options for individual users as well as corporate professionals.

As the need for mobility increases more and more of technology crowd is moving towards laptops, notebooks and tablets. When the people worldwide are moving away from desktops inorder to choose handy computing devices, there arise greater questions on the usage of desktop computers in the near future. Technology gadgets are getting advanced day by day. Technology industry is highly competitive. In the competitive environment each computer manufacturer is competing against each other to provide the users more advanced computer systems like notebooks, laptops and tablets which are the main threat for the future of desktop computers.

The future of desktop computers is not bright. Within no time we could expect the desktop computers go astray. The frequent updation in technology proves to be the potential threat for desktop computers. New technology gadgets are released every day and week by leading manufacturers to cover up worldwide users, these gadgets are provided frequent updations inorder to rectify the initial errors and frequent updations are necessary to offer exceptional products within an instant but in desktop computers these frequent updations and improvements are not so often. Though desktop computers prove to be the ideal computer systems for security purposes, more corporates and people are moving towards using them through advanced technology computing systems like laptops and notebooks which lessens the necessity of owning desktop computers.

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