How to reduce cell phone radiation

Do you use cell phone constantly? Are you worrying about the effects of cell phone radiation? Would you like to guard yourself against radiation by reducing cell phone radiation? Over usage of cell phone causes huge amount of radiation. This cell phone radiation is harmful for humans. Research confirms that the nerve cells are directly affected by cell phone radiations. It is our duty to take precautionary methods to avoid any damaging consequences by cell phone radiation. We could effectively achieve reducing cell phone radiation by following a set of prescribed rules. Here are the list of guide that will explain about how to reduce cell phone radiation.

Limited Usage – Do not use cell phones 24×7. The more you use your mobile phones the more you get affected by cell phone radiation. If you want to reduce cell phone radiation, first and foremost thing to do is to reduce the usage of cell phone. Whether you keep on texting, chatting or phoning it will eventually cost your health because you are indulging yourself into cell phone radiation. By curtailing the cell phone usage, you could reduce the cell phone radiation to a greater extent.

Keep calls short – keeping your calls short is the most ideal choice inorder to reduce cell phone radiation. After the arrival of mobile phones, call rates have been discounted to a greater extents where people tend to talk long hours without interruptions. Due to the usage of cell phones for longer durations, people tend to suffer from diseases related to radiation caused by mobile phones. If you are looking for various ways to reduce cell phone radiation, the most suggested idea is to keep your calls short where you will train your body to get away from cell phone radiation.

Use air tube headset – if you are forced to be mobile anytime and every time because of your work demanding, you could make use of the headsets while speaking. Do not use the normal headsets for mobile phones because it doesn’t provide you any protection. Using the normal headsets and speaking with other party is equivalent to speaking without headsets on. Buy yourself a good quality air tube headset. It does not cost you much but plays a key role in safeguarding you against potential threats of radiation. If you are looking for best methods to avoid or reduce radiation, using air tube headsets are suggested to guard against cell phone radiation.

Do not keep mobile phone in pocket – people have the habit of keeping their mobile phones in their pocket, especially males. If you wish to keep yourself away from radiation or wishing to protect yourself by minimizing the risk of radiation, you should not keep your mobile phone in pockets. Keeping your cell phones in pocket is a dangerous threat. Whenever a new call comes in, your mobile phone starts to attract available networks and signals inorder to get the calls reachable. It possesses a high risk of radiation for people keeping their mobile phones in pocket.


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