Want to share what we experienced with UcallWeconn!

It seems my never-ending quest has seen a ray of hope! My husband Ron and I have to move between places even when we go abroad, for our training and business purposes. We both have to stay connected with our colleagues and clients respectively. Initially, we believed that a known retailer would cater to our day-long calling requirements; but by the end of the day (to our utter dismay) we’ll find reasons to believe otherwise. Under such circumstances, we’d always switch between provider and end up seeing a termination operator; these operators would again seem to be a part of a wholesale outlet.

A friend of mine has been using UcallWeconn, and suggested the same service for me. I’m amazed to see that they aren’t any calling card company. Ron was a bit skeptical as he had to install this soft-phone. But now it seems quite easy as he can use his Java phone merely by visiting its user area.

Most of our relatives stay beyond our locality; even our busy schedule keeps us away from our friends and household members. The first time we tasted the nice things was when we two had been on a vacation to Miami, this summer. We both were touched as we could remain in contact with our elderly parents. It would even let us catch up with the office updates. On most occasions, people would call us from networks that don’t support VoIP. The desktop format of Java phones would let us address such issues; it would dial number from behind firewalls and NATs. I was a bit confused initially and called up the CSR line again! It took sometime to get through the line, but the CSR was again courteous and explained the functionality in an apt manner. It really feels nice to find easy solutions to all our past problems.

We’ve never experienced such smooth connectivity before, especially while we were on vacations or small trips downtown. This service is unbelievably cheaper as compared to Skype or other services. Last time they charged me a mere $0.28 towards an ISD call that lasted for 0:8:41 as depicted in my handset.

My husband has always maintained using products or services that have a strong refund policy to back them up. Not just digging shallow on your pocket, this communication mode seemed more reliable to us that our past providers. We saved more than what we did when we used Skype.

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